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A Unique 40th Anniversary Gift

A great idea for any anniversary, A Gift of Poetry is a truly romantic way of expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Whether for your partner, parents or friends, an anniversary gift poem will make the day an unforgettable experience.
(Here's a good example of just what can be achieved. Ntsiki wanted something special for her friends who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Ntsiki has kindly given her permission for her poem and story to be published)
What is your name :
Ntsiki Langford
Who do you want the poem written for:
Very dear friends (we're all from South Africa)
Why do you want the poem written:
For their 40th wedding anniversary that is being organized by their children. I'm one of the South African community members who has been invited to this celebration.
What are the key messages you would like to send:
The Big Hearts that this couple has----never failing to show up to conduct weddings (Husband is an ordained minister who has conducted weddings and funerals for "unchurched" people who would otherwise not have a religious ceremony) The wife is industrious, creative (cooks, decorates, organizes functions, brings songs to events). This couple (Glory and Chris) is very dignified, and both have been role models of what a marriage means for their children and the larger community. They're very special in the hearts of so many!
Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share:
I remember the times when I've grabbed Chris to chair events to which he was an invited guests. When other ministers do not show up at weddings (one walked out because the bride was an hour late), he stepped in and conducted the wedding ceremony.
Do you have any other comments or thoughts:
It is rare to find such a loving couple that has brought up a lovely family of highly educated children (now adults, one is a doctoral candidate, one went to Harvard), but with all of that this couple is down to earth. Many South Africans came here thinking they were coming to the land of plenty where streets are paved with gold, and when they got the rude awakening and found themselves homeless without food, this couple has brought everyone into their home.
What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.):
Happy, romantic, artistic touch, use words like humanness (In Africa this implies the ethos of caring for one another, and the African world for that is "ubuntu" which you can use)
Please choose which package you would prefer:
Do you have any last comments or thoughts:
'm looking for a creative, unique piece. There will be a full audience where this card will be opened and read.
I know of a little village,
it's a place not too far from here,
but sadly, it's a place torn apart,
it's full of atrocity, greed and fear.
That's not to say it's a place without hope,
because that hope is within us all, it's an eternal flame,
but I think the village needs some of our help,
bear with me, as I won't yet tell you it's name.
Firstly, let me describe it to you,
on one side, there are all types of treasure,
glistening gold, electricity, medicine, gismos,
in fact, there's wealth beyond earthly measure.
Now, this is the side where the controllers live,
they preach love but practice another kind,
and if you had a look inside their tiny brains,
well, the poor would be the last things on their mind.
In the middle of the village, there live many,
they're neither poor nor rich, they just live,
but they too get caught up in their earthly struggles,
and all too often, they too forget how to give.
Now, if we walk through to the poorer part,
there you'll just see struggle and strife,
where disease, hunger and starvation,
well, they're just an everyday part of life.
And it seems so very strange to me,
how one village could get this way,
I think the villagers should hear about Ubuntu,
and that one line leaves so much to say:
Now Ubuntu is a marvelous spirit,
it's all around us and in the heavens above,
it makes sense of all the confusion,
it covers everybody with a blanket of love.
It's at the very core of African culture,
it's the ethos of humanness on planet Earth,
it means feeding a stranger, caring for them,
it's a recognition of every life and it's worth.
It's giving a stranger a place to sleep,
it's babysitting other's children, it's learning to share,
it's about all chipping in and helping,
it's proving to others that you truly care.
It takes a village to raise a child,
but there are many children with no one to hold,
and we need to rescue the village's children,
because they too, have a story to be told.
But before I tell you name of the village,
and I think I'll leave that until the very last line,
I need to tell you about the Ubuntu spirit,
because it's alive and well in two friends of mine.
Chris and Glory Nteta are simply beautiful people,
truly, they are Ubuntu personified,
and I know I couldn't have picked finer friends,
I know I couldn't - even if I'd tried.
You've both been involved in the South African struggle,
and to many refugees, you've put a roof over their heads,
and together, you've strode forward with such purpose,
you've gone where many a mortal rarely treads.
You are a couple with gigantic hearts,
at times, they're even too big for you chest,
and I know that I speak for all of us here tonight,
Chris, Glory, you two are two of the very best.
You share the epitome of a perfect marriage,
and as role models, you've played the perfect role,
you not only have an amazing depth of character,
you have Ubuntu imprinted on your very soul.
Now, for those of you that are unaware,
Ubuntu means humanness, in all it's glory,
Ubuntu describes a better way of life,
and Chris, Glory, Ubuntu is your story.
And at the start of these lines I spoke of hope,
hope for a village that is as yet, nameless,
but I think if we all lived like Chris and Glory,
well, the village would be covered in humanness.
And the village would change it's ways forever,
watch it really soar with it's Ubuntu sails unfurled,
of course, it would still be the same shape,
but boy, that village would be a different world.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004 - 2011
In the end, this work was a true collaboration. After the second draft, Ntsiki kindly replied:
This is great, I really like it!

1) Key verse for the front:
Those who hold love and Ubuntu in their hearts are forever precious! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

2) Inside Message:
Congratulations on your 40th year together. You are blessed, and so are all those of us who know you! You Are Loved!
Sheila, Joyce, Nobubele, Ntsiki

Style of Card:

Your unique thoughts and feelings meaningfully wrapped within
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