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The Unique Birthday Gift

Handmade and heartfelt, this is the inspirational birthday gift that will be treasured for years to come
(Here's a good example of just what can be achieved. Debbie wanted something special for her husband's 40th birthday. Debbie has kindly given her permission for her poem and story to be published)

A Mattress, A Bed Frame and A Bureau - Happy 40th Birthday

Full Name:
Debbie Montepara
Who do you want the poem written for?:
my husband, Nick
Why do you want the poem written ?:
To let him know how much we love and appreciate him- in celebration on his 40th birthday which is March 14th.
Key Messages:
My children and I would like for Nick to know what a wonderful husband and father he is. He spends as much quality time with the kids as he can given his very long hours at work. He makes them feel very special, always asks how their days went, and leaves them "love notes" in their shoes to find as they leave for school. He is a very spiritual man who believes that a parents job is to love their children and instill in them wonderful values which will lead them to the path back to Heaven. Nick is very patient, loving, kind, generous, compassionate, and honest man who never speaks an unkind word about anyone. We want him to know that he is an inspiration to us all and that we love him and treasure him.
Memorable Moments:
Nick and I met through his cousin, Lorie, while I was still in nursing school. The day we met, he was washing his parents station wagon in their driveway and I was in my unflattering green student nurse uniform. Can you believe this didn't deter him from asking me out? This speaks a lot about him.

We married in 1988 and lived in my mom's finished basement for a year. We moved into our new home during a snowstorm because we couldn't wait to finally be on our own. Moved in with only a borrowed mattress, bed frame, and a bureau from my childhood. What more do people in love need?

We moved to Brookside Ave. which should have been called "Montepara Lane" because my in-laws and brother-in-law and his wife lived in separate houses right next door. Luckily we all get along well!

I told Nick we were having twins by having flowers delivered to him that said "we are doubly blessed" on the ribbon attached. He didn't get it and was shocked when he finally did! We were still scraping him off the ceiling 2 weeks later!! Taylor our daughter came in 1997 and she has completed our family. We never do anything the easy way and along with Taylor's birth came a new job promotion for Nick and a move to Pa. all at the same time!

Before the children came, Nick and I had romantic trips to Cape Cod, Martha's vineyard, Nantucket and Boston. Now the trips are more like Disney World, which we still try to make special for each other.

In the Summer, we enjoy hiking, swimming, walking and bicycling as a family. In the winter, we enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace watching movies and Nick loves taking the kids snowboarding and sledding.

Nick makes the best strawberry daiquiri's (?sp) and the kids love his banana sundaes.
Other Comments:
Please sign the poem:
With endless love from your soul mate Debbie and your borrowed angels from God - Courtney, Christopher, and Taylor
happy, romantic
Package Type:
  A Mattress, A Bed Frame and A Bureau  
You are truly a wonderful husband,
as a father you couldn't be surpassed,
you give the children such quality time,
a genuine and heartfelt love that is steadfast.
You always make them feel special,
always asking them how their days went,
you leave them "love notes" in their shoes,
in every way your fatherhood has been Heaven sent.
Because, surely you will lead them back to Heaven,
just through your love and the values you've instilled,
such a fine, solid foundation for their future,
a very solid base on which they can build.
You are patient, loving and compassionate,
you're honest and will never speak a word that's unkind,
you are a guiding light, an inspiration,
a treasure that's so very rare and hard to find.
Actually, on second thoughts,
maybe, you're an angel in disguise,
if you started to sprout a halo and wings,
although startling, it would come as no surprise.
I remember the day we met,
I was a green student and you were washing the car,
our eyes met across a crowded driveway
and that one look has carried us far.
We were married in 1988
and lived in Mom's basement for a year,
we moved into our new home in a snow storm,
unlike the day, I think our motives were reasonably clear!
A mattress, a bed frame and a bureau,
what more do people need when they're in love?
Two people living out their destiny,
two people blessed by Heaven above.
Blessed is certainly the way I feel
and I know the children feel that way too,
because we're very proud of who you are
and very proud of what you do.
We moved into Brookside Avenue,
or should I call it Montepara Lane?
It's a good job we got on so well,
because we didn't fancy moving again.
I remember when I told you we were having twins,
the flowers said we were "doubly blessed",
although you didn't get the message at the time,
a couple of weeks later you were in need of a rest!
Taylor in 1997 completed our family,
we had to move for a new job, all at the same time,
but as always, we managed together as a team
and eventually got our words to rhyme.
We've exchanged Martha's Vineyard for Disney World,
but we still try to keep the romance in our heart
and I will love you until our suns set,
even then, I know we'll never, ever part.
Because our match must've been made in Heaven,
I thank God for lending us his brightest star,
we just wanted you to know that we love you,
because of you, we all are who we are.
So thanks to you, my wonderful husband, our kind father.
Happy Fortieth Birthday, (that's what these words are for).
Here's to you, our shining star, our guiding light
and here's to at least another forty more!
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003 - 2011
Debbie kindly replied:

"Hi Allen...What an excellent job you did on the poem for my husband! I know he will be so pleased by it! I can't wait to give it to him!

Could it be signed: Love always from your soul mate and best friend, Debbie
and Courtney, Christopher and Taylor

It would be fine to publish the poem, my name and story on the web-site. I would like it on either the violet stem or single rose paper. I like them both.. you decide which of the two would look nicer .I would like the poem autographed if you would be so kind and the original draft. I can't believe you can write so quickly. I am so pleased. If their are any further questions or if you have a better way of expressing my changes, please e-mail me back. Thanks for being so prompt!
Best regards, Debbie"

And on March 11th, 3 days before the party....

"Hi Allen,

My husband's poem came in the mail today and it looks so great! He will be so pleased with it. Thanks for getting it to me in time for his party. I am sure I will be contacting you in the future! Thanks again.

Best Regards,
Your unique thoughts and feelings meaningfully wrapped within
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