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A Unique Christmas Gift that says "I love you"
(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Nancy wanted something special for her siblings for Christmas. Nancy has kindly given her permission for her poem and story to be published)

Two Dollar Bills - A tale of love for Christmas

Why do you want the poem written?
I lost my father four years ago to a massive heart attack. I lost my mother to a stroke a month ago. I was going through my parents thing and found something special that meant a lot to me and my siblings. My parents would give me and my sister and brothers "TWO DOLLAR BILLS" in our Christmas Stockings. I found the "TWO DOLLAR BILLS" and would like to give it my siblings as a surprise Christmas gift. I will give two- "TWO DOLLAR BILLS" (total of four dollars) to my sister Ann, Brothers Kevin and Danny.
Things to add/share:
Christmas Eve was a special time for my family...The kids would all exchange gifts and we would also give our parents their gifts. My dad would buy and make lots of food. My dad always hated open his gift on Christmas Eve but we always talked him into opening it. My my mom would have her vodka and 7up drinks and always drank a little to much! When we were little Santa would always put are gifts in the same place, under the tree, every year. When we came down the steps each Christmas morning we always knew where to look...Ann's gifts were by the steps, Danny's by the front door and Nancy and Kevin were in the middle. When we were young Santa gave us TWO DOLLAR BILLS and fruit (oranges and apples) in our stockings.
Please have a mix of Sad and Happy
Additional Information:
-We never had much money growing up but we had each other and lots of love.
-My father worked at least two jobs to get us through catholic school and put food on the   table.
-My mother was famous for making devilled eggs and turkey soup.
-She always had nicknames for everyone.
-My mother missed my father so much I think she had to be with him.
-Both of my parents death was sudden.
We never had much growing up,
but we had each other and lots of love,
we were rich in so many ways,
we were blessed by the heavens above.
Our father always worked two jobs,
to get us through school and to have that little bit more
and we know the value of our parent’s sacrifice,
I guess that’s really what these words are for.
Mother was famous for her devilled eggs and turkey soup,
never have you feasted on such fabulous fare
and although we knew times were tough,
we always had a lot of love to share.
And when we lost our father four years ago,
it was very difficult and it hit us hard,
I struggled to find a reason,
at times I felt weary and a little bit scarred.
I think mother also missed him so very much
and she too couldn’t wait to be by his side,
but now when I think of them both together once more,
I do so with an enormous sense of pride.
Because they were always there for us
and Christmas will never be the same again,
maybe not until we are all once more together,
some day in the future, sometime when.
I feel lucky to have known our parents
and to know just what a parent’s love is worth
and now there’s just the four of us,
the four of us left on this planet earth.
But the bond we have is unbreakable
and the memories we have will never die
our parents live on in each and everyone of us,
I need to explain that (or at least I’ll try).
You see, our parents gave us wings,
they taught us to soar and to leave the nest
and of all parents in this world,
we all know that we had two of the best.
And I’ll never forget our Christmas times,
especially that feeling on Christmas Eve,
Dad with his food, Mom with her vodka
and we went to sleep with a dream to believe.
And when we woke from our fitful slumbers,
there was always that expectant look on your face,
we always knew where to look for our presents,
because Santa always left them in our special place.
And when we were very young,
Santa gave us fruit and two dollar bills to spend,
and that indeed, is a special memory,
you may think that's where this story would end.
But those dollar bills are a symbol of who we are,
they represent who we are today,
because indeed, they represent our parent’s love
and now I do have just one last thing to say:
I have a two dollar bill for each of us,
four two dollar bills, each one of a kind,
because I know our love is so very precious,
so rare, so treasured and so very hard to find.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003

"Dear Allen,

I sit here wiping my tears away to find the words to say, "thank you." I was unable to express these feeling to my brothers and sister and you did it so perfectly. Wow, to think I found you on the internet and now I feel like you know my family.

Thank you again, I cannot find the words to express how much this means to me and especially how much it will mean to my family. I will let you know how they respond to your poem after Christmas. Although I am sure there will not be a dry eye in the house.

I will let you know my choice of cards and choice of paper. I will go look it up right now. I will talk to you soon.

Oh, Yes you can print this poem on your web-site. Nancy

  We also went on to make this into a song: Four Two Dollar Bills  
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