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A Gift that says "I'm Sorry"
Lanette wrote:

I am getting married on Sept 26 of this year and I have asked my step father to give me away. We haven't always had the best relationship, but when I needed a father he was the one that was always there for me. He has helped me start a life for myself and my 18 month old son. Without him I am sure I would be much worse off than I am. He married my mother when I was 7 and with my mother came 3 children. We were all pretty much brats in our childhood. He never had much patience with children because he prepared himself at a young age for a life without children. He had cancer as a child and as a result of his treatment he couldn't have any children of his own. I want him to know that I love him and I am sorry for all the things I did when I was younger. In the past few years we have grown together and we have gained each other's respect. I have tried to write a poem myself for him but I can never write down what I want to say. It just never comes out the right way. I am hoping that maybe you can help me. In addition I have a very close relationship with my father and I haven't told him yet that I asked my step father to give me away. I know he will be very hurt that I didn't ask him and I was hoping that you could do me a huge favor and try to write a little something that will tell him that I love him very much and that I don't want him to be hurt by this. I am his only child and I know this is his only chance to give his little girl away, but I need to show my step father that I love him and look up to him and I feel this is the way I want to show him. I hope this isn't asking too much of you. If it is I will understand. I'm not sure what all you need to know so I hope this is enough. Thank you for your time. :) Lanette
  One Choice  
I was nearly seven,
when you came into my life.
One of three children,
who came with mom (your wife).
Now you were a man,
that wouldn't have kids of his own,
destined for a life of peace,
destined to be all alone.
Then we came along!
The other two and me,
ready made branches,
of your new found family tree.
But things in life,
don't always work out quite to plan;
we were spoilt little brats,
you became "The Angry Man".
And now I want to say "I'm sorry";
for all those early days,
I'm sorry I caused you anguish,
I'm sorry for my ways.
And in the last couple of years,
together we have grown,
a healthy crop of respect
from the seeds that we've sown.
There are some other letters,
that are long overdue:
and they are very simply,
the words; "I love you".
And as a sign of this love,
I have asked you to give me away,
on what is my natural father's
only daughter's wedding day.
He will be so hurt,
I'll make it up to him (somehow),
But there only was one choice,
because I'm lucky - I have two fathers now.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002
Lanette kindly replied:

Thank you so much!!! I have no objections to you posting this poem on your web page. If you could just erase the last names. That is the only thing I will ask. I just want to thank you again. The poem you have written for me is perfect!! Thanks, Lanette
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