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The Gift of Life
A great idea for any occasion, A Gift of Poetry is a truly romantic way of expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings. Your gift can be written from many perspectives, as in this example, where the words came from Dad's newborn baby.
What is your name:
Who do you want the poem written for:
My husband, Jeff
Why do you want the poem written:
To celebrate the birth of our first child (a son whose name is going to be Tyler) - I am planning on giving it to him on the day of Tyler's birth.
What are the key messages you would like to send:
Jeff is the best husband and my very best friend and he is going to be the most incredible father. I would like this poem to be from our newborn son telling Jeff how much both he and I love him. I am so excited to be starting this new journey of parenthood with Jeff. Tyler is going to be so lucky to have him as his daddy.
Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share:
Jeff and I have been married for 6 1/2years and they have been the best years of my life. We always knew we wanted children and we waited awhile to start our family so that we could enjoy each other first. Now we are starting our family and we are so excited and know it will just enhance our relationship.

Jeff and I met in medical school and on our first date right before Jeff kissed me for the first time, I stopped and said "you know we can never go back after this" - he always teases me about saying this and even mentioned it during his speech at our wedding.

I will never forget our first vacation together - we went to the Grand Lido in Jamaica. It was the most fun and romantic trip and Jeff always said that is the time when he really realized we were meant to get married. It will always be a special place for us.

We got married right before our medical residencies started and spent the first years of our marriage working very hard and very long hours, but our marriage was the most important thing to us and it thrived. Jeff is an emergency room physician (I am a pediatrician) and, though he says I am biased, I think he is the most wonderful and caring doctor.

Jeff is a huge sports fan and he is especially fanatical about the Oakland Raiders. I always tease him that my mild mannered husband becomes a different (crazy!) man when they are playing. He can't wait for Tyler to be born in order to have his own little Raiders fan so he can pass on his love of the sport and have someone to watch all the games with - we even have a little Raiders outfit for Tyler already. Though the Raiders are his favorite, he also loves the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dodgers and plans to take his son to many games.

This pregnancy has not been the easiest, but we both know that it will be more than worth it in the end when our beautiful son is born. Jeff sometimes (ok, a lot of the times) teases me that I am neurotic, but he has been so supportive and caring of me during this pregnancy and our life together. He has been so excited getting the nursery and all the stuff ready for Tyler - like a little boy himself! He always teases me that I "am so wide" during this pregnancy and that he can't even fit his arms around me anymore - which bothers my mother to no end (which Jeff enjoys doing!). It is all in fun though, because he regularly tells me I am the most beautiful pregnant woman.

We have 2 dogs (Sashi and Max) who have been our "babies" for the last 3 years. Jeff adores these dogs and even loves to cuddle up with them. I always tease Jeff that he has really gotten these dogs ready for the baby because I can't imagine what Tyler could do to them that Jeff has not already done (pull their tails and their ears, hold them down, get them riled up, etc. - all in fun of course!).
Do you have any other comments or thoughts:
Since we are having a boy, I am so excited to get a glimpse into what Jeff was like as a little boy (though I hope our son is not quite as "rambunctious" as Jeff was as a boy!). We both have wonderful loving families and I just hope Jeff and I can be as good of parents to our son as our parents have been to us. I know that Jeff is going to be the best father and our son is so lucky to have him as a daddy. Jeff is the best man, husband, and best friend - he is my soulmate - and he is going to make the best father ever.
What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.):
Sentimental and happy
Please choose which package you would prefer:
Hello, my wonderful Dad,
(and I know that may sound a trifle absurd),
but while mom's been looking after me,
I've been practicing my very first word.
So Dad (and there it is again),
I do have some words to say,
because we both love you so very much,
and after all, it is your son's birth day.
I know you're a great husband to my mom,
in fact, she reckons you're the best on planet Earth,
and we both just wanted to thank you for being you,
you've proved what one life can be really worth.
I too feel so very lucky,
I think I'll thank my lucky stars above,
because not only do I have you as my father,
but I know I'll always have your eternal love.
It's nice to know that my parents are so in tune,
compassion and commitment are qualities you've never lacked,
"You know we can never go back after this",
(and I'm so glad that you never turned back).
To be honest, I got a little bored when I was waiting,
I had to sit there, watching from my star,
but in that time, I realized you're wonderful,
yes, we both realize just how wonderful you really are.
From your first vacation together in the Grand Lido,
that's where you lived out your Jamaican dream
that was when you realized you should marry,
that was when you really came together as a team.
You got married before your residencies,
you worked very hard and for very long hours,
but in that time, you grew together,
you grew a love that is undeniably ours.
We think you're a most wonderful and caring doctor,
although the Oakland Raiders make you a different man,
and I'm looking forward to wearing my little outfit,
don't worry, I'm already their number one fan.
And I know mom's pregnancy hasn't been easy,
(it's ok to call her neurotic just one last time),
but we both just wanted to thank you for your support,
you are the one that got our words to rhyme.
I think I'm going to be quite like you,
although rambunctious is a word that springs to mind,
but if I am anything like my father,
then I know I'll be loving, considerate and kind.
I promise not to pull Sashi's and Max's tails,
well, not until I'm at least two years old,
but then we'll have plenty more to talk about,
many shared adventures, as yet unwritten and untold.
So I'll finish by saying "I love you",
I guess that's really what these words are for,
here's to you, Dad, you're truly wonderful,
and here's to our everlasting love, for evermore.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004
We eventually went to three drafts (that's the one you see above). This is what Jen kindly said after the first draft:

"Hi Allen. Thanks so much for the first draft of my poem - I love it! It really expresses the sentiment and feelings I wanted while incorporating our own personal history. I have just a few things I would like to revise:

1. For the stanza where it talks about our first trip to the Grand Lido in Jamaica: I like the idea expressed, but I found the second line "no mom went on her own accord" a little confusing and there is a ? after Jamaica. I was wondering if you could rework that stanza a bit.

2. For the second stanza where it says "So, Dad, oops, there it is again": I absolutely love the stanza and the meaning behind it (that the baby is now trying out his first word which is dad and that it is his birth day), I am just not crazy about the "oops" part. If you could rework it a little so that it expresses the same message maybe slightly differently (especially
because I may want to use this one as the key verse on the cared, so I want it to be able to stand alone also).

3. For the stanza which starts "And I, Tyler, I feel so very lucky": Again, I absolutely the sentiment/feeling being expressed (it is exactly something I want Jeff to know), but I just don't love this first line so much - I would like it to flow a little smoother.

4. This one is a little picky - sorry! In the second to last stanza when it talks about pulling the dogs' tails: I love the stanza! But I was just wondering if you could work in the dogs' names? (Sashi and Max). I feel it might personalize it just a touch more (and we really do love our dogs!).

These are just minor points - I really love the poem and am very happy with the first draft.

You may definitely use the poem for publication on your website as long as our last names and any identifying characteristics are omitted. And I will look at the paper and card choices and let you know which ones I want.

Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to reading the revision!

Your unique thoughts and feelings meaningfully wrapped within
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