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A Gift of Remembrance
A Gift of Poetry is a truly meaningful way of expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings.
(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Wendy wanted something special for her Mum and Uncle to remember her Aunty Jill by. Wendy has kindly given her permission for her poem and story to be published)
  Paint A Picture  
What is your name?
Wendy Hubbard
Who do you want the poem written for?
My mum (Brenda Hubbard) and Uncle Graham (Graham Allen)
Why do you want the poem written?
My Aunty Jill lost a long battle against Lupus and sadly passed away on 22nd October 2004. I want a memory for my mum (Jill's sister) and Uncle graham to remember what a fantastic lady she was.
What are the key messages you would like to send?
She was a perfectionist in every thing she did. Very loving lady and very courageous not letting her illness get in the way of living her daily life. They were married a long time and we should rejoice in the time we had with her and she has enriched our lives. She is now with her son Stuart (he was severely handicapped and died a long time ago aged 12, about 17 years ago but dates and age I am unsure of so don't quote numbers please). She would want us all to be happy and not sad.
Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share?
She was known as a woman who has lists for everything (this was mentioned in her funeral and raised a nice smile) Huge huge love of cats - took in many waifs and strays and gave them loving homes to live out their days. Maiden name was Dolphin - I believe these are sleek, elegant, immensely intelligent and much loved as was Aunty Jill.
Do you have any other comments or thoughts?
A rock - certainly an inspiration to me to make the best of my life. Maybe a reference to sunflowers as I chose these for her flowers as they track the sun and follow the light.
What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.)?
Combination of happy and sad really - it's something we want to read and maybe shed a tear as we remember here but also to make us happy as we rejoice in her life and the love and kindness she always gave to us.
Please choose which package you would prefer?
Do you have any last comments or thoughts?
The trademark or logo for the Lupus illness is a butterfly. Maybe a reference to opening up her wings, being free or something linked along those lines to butterflies main things we need to achieve is she is free now and we are to be happy
  Paint A Picture  
These last years have simply flown by,
I can't believe the past months have gone so fast,
and I just wanted to say a few words,
and I've got a feeling they're going to last.
You see, I just wanted to celebrate Aunty Jill's life,
to remember the time she spent on planet Earth,
because truly, she was simply a fantastic lady,
and she proved just what one life could be worth.
She was a perfectionist in everything she did,
"if it was worth doing it was worth doing right",
and she made this world a brighter place,
and I would like to thank her for sharing her light.
Aunty Jill was indeed, a very loving lady,
and at times, her heart was too big for her chest,
but of all the Aunties in this world, I know I'm lucky,
I'm lucky because I had one of the very best.
She was a very courageous lady,
she just would not let her illness get in the way,
and I know she loved Uncle Graham to bits,
"I do" were her best words, spoken on your wedding day.
It's nice to know that Stuart was waiting for her,
I think of them both, in the heavens above,
but they are both still with us, every day,
and every day, they're still sending out their love.
And I know Aunty Jill had a list for everything,
but she won't have created a wistful list,
because she'll be happy with her memories,
the last time we laughed, the last time we kissed.
She's probably welcoming in cats as we speak,
as you know, she had a soft spot for waifs and strays,
over the years, she took in so very many,
and gave them a loving home for the rest of their days.
Her maiden name was quite aptly; "Dolphin",
and that sums up Aunty Jill so very well,
she was sleek, elegant and extremely intelligent,
very much loved (by now, I hope you can surely tell).
I'd like to attempt to paint some sort of picture,
because Aunty Jill was a rock, she was certainly mine,
she taught me to make the best out of my life,
to get the very last drop out of every single line.
But truly, she was also my sunflower,
tall, proud, beautiful and following the sun,
and I just wanted to remember Aunty Jill,
I wanted to thank her for everything she ever done.
So I guess that's my picture, a dolphin, sitting on a rock,
but wait, there's the sunflower, brightening the shade,
and of course, along comes a beautiful butterfly,
having just hatched (a decision she never made).
But before, that butterfly was trapped and couldn't fly,
but now she's free, free to open and spread her wings,
and of course, I do believe in the miraculous,
so now she's free to do all sorts of marvelous things.
And whatever shape or form those things take,
well, I guess we'll just have to wait for them to unfold,
but in the meantime, I know Aunty Jill will always be with us,
and now I'm glad, because so far, her story has been told.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004

Thank you Thank you Thank you - it arrived on Friday and it's fantastic. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me and I am going to take it to my uncle tomorrow.
I have recommended your site to a number of people once again, thank you very much

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