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The Ultimate Gift For Your Valentine
Handmade and heartfelt, the inspirational Valentine's gift that will be treasured for years to come
(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Dr. Waid wanted something special for his wife, Katrina Marie. Dr. Waid has kindly given his permission for their poem and story to be published)

Never Ending Desire - I love you today, I'll love you forever

Full Name:
Dr. Waid McMillion
Who do you want the poem written for?:
My wife of 10 years - Katrina Marie
Why do you want the poem written ?:
We have endured so much together over the last ten years I just want to express how earnest my love for her and my 2 beautiful daughters she blessed me with really is.
Key Messages:
My unconditional love for her and our girls Morgan and Kya My devotion to our life together
my admiration for her will to put up with me for the last ten years. My appreciation for the encouragement she so often gave me during my medical school trials and tribulations. And my never ending desire to wrap my arms around her and engulf her mind body and soul each time she flashes that brilliant smile my way.
Memorable Moments:
Katrina and I were married at a very young age I had just turn nineteen, she had just turned 18 and was just entering her final semester of high school. NO ONE gave us a chance. Everyone doubted that we could overcome the obstacle of beginning a family so early. Katrina was very introverted, and quiet. I was (am) a true alpha male loud hot headed. Morgan was born on June 14, 1994 just 8 days following Katrina's High School Graduation It was a magical day being young you do not realize at the time how special the moment is, I just remember Morgan coming out more beautiful than any child I had ever seen and her mother glowing with a light 1000 times brighter than the sun. Our Lives forever changed and The love 2 high school sweethearts shared changed as well. I became a provider with no real sense of what that meant. She became a caretaker with no real idea what that meant. Struggle as we did we made it year after year. Both fearing one day all the negative beliefs Morgan was a bright spot for both of us and a constant reminder of responsibility. Bound and determined to give us a better life Katrina stood behind me 100% as I embarked on college and eventually medical school. Katrina gave up so many things to be what I needed when I needed it.

Kya Rae was born in 2001 during my third year of medical school. I was the delivering physician and What a magnificent thing that was to be able to deliver your own child to be part of this in such a tremendous way I remember looking up at katrina from the foot of the delivery bed and thinking there has never been a more beautiful women, or a women who has loved their husband so much as her.

I remember countless times coming home from far off rotations and being excited to see the girls and Katrina and coming home to find them in bed asleep and I would watch them for a while all of them pale skin glowing over the dim nightlight and feeling a calm that warms the body to its core.

Katrina works very hard at life at mothering as well as holding a full time job. Frazzled, Dead tired, Exhausted she cares for me and our girls as if she hasn't done a thing. Constantly thinking she is so fortunate to have us that she never realizes that if not for her there would be no us. NO Well mannered, lovely little girls. And certainly no successful resident Physician.

My Graduation day this past May was a very pride filled day for me. As I glanced at the crowd watching everyone gaze at me in admiration, the only thing I could think of is How lucky I am. Beautiful wife, wonderful children, terrific parents, and loving friends. That moment I realized through all my doubts and the doubts of others that God made her for me and me for her. Born on the same day one year apart, God set into motion a series of events to allow our worlds to collide and a galaxy burst into existence. And all the things we had done and all the joy we have shared were far greater than anything we had given up by joining together so young.
Other Comments:
Katrina is my Queen And I want her to feel after reading this that any doubt she may have as to our future together should be laid to rest. I pine for her daily when she is not there. I daydream about the time we spend alone. She is my center and I gravitate to her as if she was a magnet and I were metal. I want her to know that without her I would not be the man I am. I am a father, husband, provider, lover because of the love we have shared. I really want to thank her for being her and allowing me to find myself (with a little guidance of course).
Happy and Romantic- tilt toward the romantic
Package Type:
  Never Ending Desire  
Ten years, one decade,
three thousand, 652 days.
After all this time I love you so,
and I love you in so many different ways.
My love is unconditional,
so unlike the setting sun,
because my heart will shine forever,
for me, you'll always be the one.
We've endured so much these past ten years,
but our bonds grow stronger still,
I know I'll always love you,
and Katrina, I know I always will.
You have blessed me with Morgan and Kya,
and together, we are completely whole,
with you in my life I feel complete,
and I love you with all my heart, my very soul.
You have nothing but my admiration,
especially for your will to suffer me all these years,
together, we've overcome our obstacles,
together, we've battled and conquered our fears.
We married very early,
and no one gave us a chance in hell,
you were introverted, quite quiet,
and I wasn't (can you tell?).
Morgan quickly followed,
the most beautiful child I'd ever seen,
and your light shone like a 1000 suns,
I was the proudest father that there's ever been.
I remember the day being so magical,
and being young, I didn't quite relish it fully at the time,
but I do know that my love for you changed forever,
and that's just one of the reasons for this rhyme.
Because we went from high school sweethearts,
from sweethearts to so much more,
me the provider, you the caretaker,
but neither of us truly knew the score.
Morgan was a reminder of our responsibility,
and you supported me one hundred per cent,
a precious love like that simply can't be bought.
before then, I never knew what sacrifice really meant.
Kya Rae was born during my 3rd year of medical school,
I was the delivering physician, honored to be on hand,
and I remember looking at the prettiest woman in the world,
but these are words only a delivering father would understand.
I remember the countless times coming home from rotations,
and I'd find you and the girls asleep at night,
and I'd sit and watch you for ages,
being warmed to the core by you, soft in the gentle light.
And you do work so very hard,
a full time job and a mother to boot,
some days you're frazzled, exhausted, dead tired,
but you still manage to look so cute.
You care for me and the girls like you haven't done a thing,
constantly thinking you're lucky to have us in your life,
well, I know the girls have a brilliant mother,
and I know that I have a very wonderful wife.
We are who we are because of you,
you're the glue that holds this ship together,
and ours is a journey that's just begun,
and it's one that will last forever.
My graduation day, I've never felt so proud,
I was proud of the person that I'd become,
and as I glanced at the crowd I felt so lucky,
I married a wonderful girl, a wonderful Mom.
And I feel like I've got everything,
a beautiful wife, great children and so much more,
I've got terrific parents, loving friends, God,
and that's really what these words are for.
Because we have survived all our and other's doubts,
and we've made more music than all the world's ever sung,
and what we've shared has been far greater,
far greater than anything we lost by marrying young.
I want you to know that you're my Queen,
to know simply, you are the best,
and any doubts you have about our future,
well, let me tell you, you can put those to rest.
Because you are my center of the Universe,
my magnetic pole, I am pulled towards you my love,
I am a father, a provider, a lover,
truly blessed by the heavens above.
My desire for you is never ending,
and I think that's all I want to say,
my knees buckle, my heart pounds,
every time you flash that smile my way.
This is my never ending desire,
our life and our love my final role,
naturally, lasting forever and ever,
engulfing you mind, body and soul.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
After the first draft:

"Dear Allen, I love the poem. It was exactly what I was looking for. I love the fact that you allow us to help in the editing it makes it feel more special for me to be able to do this. I have attached what I would like changed. Thank You so much. I can't wait to see the next Draft. I truly am excited to be doing this for her.

Dr. Waid McMillion

We made some changes (and culled about 5 verses). After the second draft:

"Dear Allen, I am amazed I think it is wonderful. It's exactly what I hoped it would be. You have shown me something very special and for that I thank You. I am 100% Pleased with the results of this and so grateful for this gift.
I have no problem with you sharing this work or story, I see no need to hide my identity either. Unless that's something you generally do.

Dr. Waid McMillion"
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