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Q. When's a good time for A Gift of Poetry?
A Gift of Poetry is suitable for every occasion and circumstance. You will find it an excellent way of saying "I love you" or "thank you" but you can also use your gift to send much more serious and heartfelt messages, of which there are many examples on the site.
Q. Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, I guarantee complete satisfaction (or you get your money back).
This is a creative process and artistically, what pleases one person may not please the other. However, I do get it "right" 19 out of 20 times (so on average, I return the client's deposit on every 20th poem).
Q. What if I don't like the first draft?
Then I will rewrite your poem until you are happy with the outcome. It normally takes two to three drafts to get a poem exactly right and this is a collaborative process. For the record, my personal best (or worst) is nine drafts (but we got there in the end).
Q. How long will my poem be?
It depends on how much there is to say. I do not charge by the length and some of my poems can run to 30 verses (although I feel that these can be a little long). As an average expect somewhere between 15 and 20 verses, but it does depend on the subject matter.
Q. How do I pay you? What are the payment terms? Q. Can I pay over the phone?
The payment options on site are operated by a highly respected third party (PayPal). I ask for a deposit up front and only ask for the balance when you are happy with your final draft. If you don't like using credit cards online then you can also phone in or fax the details.

I will call you back in person.
Phone: USA + CANADA TOLL FREE 1-800-307-4174 or 514-409-2751
Fax: USA + CANADA TOLL FREE 1-800-307-4751 or 514-409-2752
(Please note the 1-800 numbers cannot be accessed from
outside the US and Canada)
Phone: UK 01206 385397

You can also pay by check or money order but that does slow down the process somewhat. I'm sorry, but I do have to insist on the deposit "up front" as this is my only method of sorting the "wheat" from the "chaff".
Q. What do your clients think about you?
Generally they are very pleased with my work. I currently achieve a 95% satisfaction rating. I operate a money back guarantee system so I do actually refund the deposit for about 1 in 20 - but as the saying goes: You can't please all of the people all of the time. It is also a no quibble guarantee - if people are not happy then they get their deposit back (and I resolve to try harder next time).
Q. How do I know that you will deliver what you promise? Will I get value for money?
My track record speaks for itself and the many, many customer testimonials are my testament. I have been offering this service since 1998, which in Internet terms is a lifetime. Complaints are rare and those received are dealt with in a professional and adult manner.
Q. Why offer a prepayment discount?
20 - 28% does seem high I know. But I think I've done my sums correctly. The credit card companies hit me twice for the two transactions (deposit and balance), the administration costs are certainly cheaper and my overdraft charges are reduced. I also offer a no quibble money back guarantee.
Q. Do you have any other special offers?
Yes, I offer a "Wedding Day Special", three poems for the price of two. Actually, you don't need to be getting married to take advantage of this offer, but it is particularly suited for wedding days as there is so much to say (to your partner, your parents, your guests etc.). Can be used for invitations, vows, speeches, toasts, as a thank you to parents, a gift for your partner etc. Just mention "Wedding Day Special" on the first request.
Q. Why should I go with you?
I am pleased to report that this is one of the most popular poetry sites in the world and the only place where you will get an original, handwritten "Jesson" poem. I write every poem from scratch and although on the cheaper packages I may borrow a verse or two, every poem is unique.
Q. Will you treat me like a number?
I manage my workload so that I can give you and your poem the attention that you deserve. I think of every one of my poems as "special" so I treat them (and you) as such. I have "retired" from the rat race to concentrate full time on my writing and Internet Marketing career. Believe me, you have my (and my bank manager's) undivided attention :)

(PS. Help ! :)
Q. Will you meet my time frames?
I work within strictly promised timelines. It is part of my promise. If you have a tighter deadline than advertised then I will pull out the stops for you.
Q. What does the process involve?
It is easy to order your poem. Please follow this link here.
Q. How long will my poem take?
It depends on the package that you choose, you could have your first draft within 48 hours from now. Even with the Economy Package you will receive your first draft within 7 days. Physical delivery normally takes about four to seven days once the drafting process is complete.
Q. How much will my poem cost? Q. What benefits are included in each package?
Q. How much detail do you require?
The more information given - the more personal the poem ! If you get stuck on a question then please ignore it, but please try to give as much information, history and background as you can. Thanks. The POEM REQUEST FORM is here, these are the questions that you will be asked: Who are you ? Who do you want the poem written for ? Why do you want the poem written ? What are the key messages you would like the poem to send ? Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share ? Do you have any other comments or thoughts ? What style of poem would you prefer ? (Happy, sad, romantic etc.)
Q. How can I trust you? Is this a scam?
As I've said, this is one of the top 500,000 web-sites in the world. You can trust me. This is not a scam. I make a modest living from writing poetry for people such as yourself. My phone number and address details are clearly displayed on the site. Payment is made via trusted third parties so you will always have the right of refusing payment or claiming a refund. I have a long standing verified PayPal account, my book is sold on Amazon.com and I have many, many satisfied customers. I don't generally post their contact details on the site (unless they ask me to), but I'm happy to provide referees if asked.
Q. If I request a poem, will my request and the poem be published on this site?
Only on your say so. I have written many poems that are never published. If you do not give permission then the poem will not be published. Guaranteed.
Q. Why did you start to write poems?
I guess it started at school really, you know - please write a poem for homework, that sort of stuff. Well, I found writing poetry relatively "easy" and the results were reasonably encouraging. So I did what every self respecting teenager would do - nothing. I basically didn't write another line for about twenty years. I then went on a Leadership course and we were encouraged to get in touch with "ourselves". As a result, one of the things I did was write a couple of poems, I showed them to a couple of friends and family and they foolishly encouraged me to continue writing. That was ten years ago and what you see on this site is a result of an initial challenge (by Humphrey Armstrong, the course leader) and the subsequent encouragement from friends and family. (I have often wondered what could be achieved in this world if we all challenged and encouraged more often, especially our children). In 1998 I hooked up to the Internet and purchased a book "How to build your web-site in 24 hours". Four months (!) later, I had my first web-site up and running and waited for the mass of visitors to come and view my work. Of course, nothing happened and the counter increased every time I visited, but not much more. It was then I struck on the idea of writing poems for charity, because I had already started writing poems for friends and family's weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. I approached a couple of "Free Sites" to feature my site and was literally flooded with requests. So much so, we formed a loose group (Poets For People) of like minded poets who gave their time for charity. We did this for a couple of years but became increasingly frustrated with people who would request the poem, receive the poem and then we would hear nothing back whatsoever, not so much as a thank you. This became soul destroying after a while so I decided to "commercialize" the site and charge people up front (I then donate a percentage of the proceeds to various charities around the world). This has worked really well and the popularity of the site is outstanding. A Gift Of Poetry is now attracting 1000's of visitors per day and is growing every month !
Q. What is your background?
Pretty normal stuff really. Born in 1958 in Northampton, England. Born in a council house (government owned) but Mum and Dad bought their first house in 1960 (Mum still lives there today). Great parents, two great older brothers, strong family environment. Went to Raeburn Road Primary (Tin Tack, so called because it was made of tin and tacks), Parklands Primary, Cherry Orchard High School and Northampton Grammar School.

Went off the rails a lot as a teenager and Dad died when I was only 15. A very painful experience but one that has bound the remaining family tightly together, even though we live so very far apart. (I emigrated from England to Australia in 1991, after marrying an Australian girl in 1985). I now share my time between the UK and Australia and intend to spend more time in Africa and the States.

Left school three weeks early (at 16) and started work the following Monday for Gelders Spetra, a European transport company. Stayed in transport and logistics for best part of 30 years and that paid the bills (most of the time). Resigned from the "rat race" in December 2002 to concentrate on poetry (and other interesting projects).
Q. What are your general thoughts on your poetry?
My poetry will never be critically acclaimed - I know and accept that. However, a lot of people seem to like my style and I see it as "everyman" poetry. I genuinely do try and write "from the heart" and know that when I pull a tear or an "ah-ha" then I have done OK. I also like to feel that maybe some of my poetry can help people and for example, that is one of the reasons I have Footprints as a featured poem on the site, as it may help someone realize the aftermath created by taking their own life.
Q. What is your favorite subject and why do you write poems like you do?
A very good question and very hard to answer. I have not read a lot of other poets work, so I can safely say that I have not copied anyone's particular style. I will literally write a poem about anything, The Worm Ode is good proof of that statement ! I won't write a poem if it doesn't have anything to say, I must think of a dozen poems a week that I could write but discard the idea because they would have no real meaning or message. Poetry has a lot to do with emotion so I like a subject where that emotion is evident or easily aroused. For example, I wrote A Harbour View after being in Australia for a couple of years after realizing that most Australians generally take for granted their wonderful country. If you are interested, there are more of my thoughts on my writing here. There are even more here.
Q. Best Movies?
For the record, this is the start of the list of my top 20 movies (not in order of preference, too hard to sort) :

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Jack Nicholson)

It's A Wonderful Life (1943)

Shawshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman)

28 Days (Sandra Bullock)

Something About Mary (Cameron Diaz)

Bicentennial Man (Robin Williams)

I.T. (Steven Spielberg)

The Sound of Music (Julie Andrews)

Life As A House (Kevin Kline)

Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman)

The Great Escape (Steve McQueen)

Blazing Saddles (Mel Brooks)


Blow (Johnny Depp)

Sea Biscuit (Jeff Bridges)

Love Actually (Hugh Grant)

The Talented Mr. Ripley
Q. Favourite Singers
Harry Chapin

Jim Croce

Tracy Chapman
Q. Favourite Band
Q. Favourite Songs/Music/Hymns
Four Two Dollar Bills (Leslie Wright/Allen Jesson)

Story Of A Life (Harry Chapin)

Piano Man (Billy Joel)

Mandolin Wind (Rod Stewart)

Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce)

Sweet Painted Lady (Elton John)

Serenade for Strings in E Minor, Opus 20 (second movement)

(Sir Edward Elgar)

Jerusalem (Hymn)

and many, many more.....
Q. Mentors
Harry Chapin

Billy Connolly

Q. Where do you live?
East Mersea, Essex, England and

Stanwell Park, New South Wales, Australia.
Q. How old are you?
Fifty (something) and Fabulous
Q. Best books?
Fiction: Papillon by Henri Charriere.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Early stuff by Wilbur Smith.

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Q. Like to eat?
Would like to be vegetarian but can't resist a barbeque.
Q. Like to drink?
Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra, South Australia.
Q. Three wisest words?
Everything in moderation.
Q. Favorite pastimes?
Writing. This website. Family stuff. Having a beer with good friends.
Q. Most important things in life?
Knowing what is important in life.
Q. Bad Habits?
Too many ! Was a frequent smoker, am a weekend drinker, still love a bet (sometimes). I ran in the London Marathon in April 2007 and in 2009. Pleased to report that I gave up smoking (for good) in September 2005 and I now don't drink alcohol for around 4 months of the year. Certainly off it for most of the six months leading up to the marathon (yes in 2011, I'm running again).
Q. Good Habits?
Not doing the bad habits too often !
Q. Proud Of?
My children.
Q. Not So Proud Of?
My stomach.
Q. Regrets?
Too few to mention (sorry Frank)
Q. Worst Day?
When Dad died (he was 46)
Q. Best Days?
When my children were born. Second wedding day.
Q. Marital Status?
Divorced with four children. Remarried.
Q. Why Divorce?
An Open Heart
Q. Why Remarry?
The Willow
Q. Favorite poems?

The 19 Year Old

The Worldishman

Pearls of Wisdom

Q. Best TV Show?
The Simpsons
Q. Reading at the moment?
Footprints :)
Q. What do you look like?

Allen Jesson
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